Our company would like to offer a complex service and thus we provide different kinds of accessories, peripherals and devices to the machining equipment that we distribute. These include tools, tool systems or even industrial air cleaning and washing equipment.


The Applitec Moutier SA was established 30 years ago in Moutier, Switzerland. Building on the geographical proximity of TORNOS, as a prominent manufacturer of longitudinal lathes, and the demand generated also by the region’s other metalworking companies, the company specialised on the development and production of turning tools and today they can be regarded as one of the leading tool manufacturers.

Main tool types

Special turning tools

Special cutoff tools

ISO-type turning tools

Simpler turning tools

Solid carbide saws

Modular tooling system

Cutting tools and holders for automatic lathes and precision machining


The German ISI Industrieprodukte GmbH was established in 1973 and by now it has become one of the leading European manufacturers of filtering systems. Főbb termékeik

Their main products include:

  • industrial air filtering systems
  • electrostatic and mechanic air filters
  • emulsion mist and oil mist separators
  • dust separators and extractors
  • welding smoke extraction

The ELBARON filter series has been developed specifically for machining with pure oil and the extraction of oil mist and oil smoke. The high precision ionisator/collector cells especially manufactured by us in combination with the extremely efficient high voltage transformer and many other well thought-out ideas, have resulted in one of the most efficient electrostatic filter systems on the market.


Compact mechanical filter system with efficient pre-filter package

The TEBARON system is fitted with an energy saving EC regulated fan. Different filter configurations are possible. Suction capacity is suitable for small to middle sized machine tool areas. The TEBARON system stands out through its specially developed, washable pre-filter package that allows for high pre-seperation efficiencies and longer service intervals


Mechanical combination filter system e.g. for metal-working using emulsion as a coolant

The modern machining technology with the highly efficient machines, the increased pressure and speed, the effective coolants and the efficient tools have enabled a drastically increased production intensity which also entails a higher air pollution and the corresponding increased health risks.

The COBARON EC combined filter system represents a new generation of mechanic filtering solutions


The Spanish manufacturer, MADAULA S.A., has represented since 1956 the highest quality and reliability in the field of powered tool systems. They utilize more than 60 years of experience for designing and production of modern tool holders.

Main products:

Angle heads

accessories for portal machines and vertical lathes

tool holders for CNC lathes

tool holders for swiss-type lathes

multi-spindle heads

spindle speeders

high-frequency spindles


The FMB Maschinenbau GmbH offers a wide range of bar loading magazines between a bar diameter of 0.8 mm and 100 mm. They provide solutions both for short and long bars and they are ready to customize their products to the individual needs of the Customers.

With the VARIO E, FMB offers a solution for the automated transfer of workpieces after the machining process but FMB is ready to implement any customized workpiece unloading solutions.

The UNIROBOT handling system offers a complex and cost-efficient solution regarding both loading and unloading. Even a cell range of up to 4,000 mm and a load capacity of up to 1,000 kg is possible in order to grant a flexible handling of workpieces with a wide variety of geometries and weights.

A universal measuring and testing system that can be integrated into our automation cells or used as a stand-alone solution. A system for recording and feeding back the measured values to the machine tool can be integrated as an optional extra


The Swiss company, PCM Willen S.A. is a leader in manufacturing and development of machine equipment. They offer a wide range of special tool holders and collets for automatic lathes.

All PCM products are developed and manufactured in Switzerland and bear the label «Swiss Made» as a guarantee of precision, quality and reliability.

A szerszámbefogókat gyakran szélsőséges körülmények között terhelik a mostoha gyártási körülményekre való tekintettel, ezért ideális eszköz a kiváló minőségű termékek előállításához.

Main products:

Tapping collets

rotary broaching

tool holders

Collet holders


Cleaning is an important part of the working process of modern industrial companies. Besides product quality, proper cleaning safeguards the employees, the environment and the efficient and sustainable production process by reducing the maintenance need and increasing the longevity of the machinery.

The low-pressure hot cleaning process was developed in the 1980’s by PH-CLEANTEC (formerly Schickert). The low-pressure hot cleaning is done, similar to high-pressure cleaning, by lance or pistol, however the pressure is only 3-8 bar (max. 14 bar) and 95°C hot water is used. Water consumption is only 1,8 l/min (max. 2,4 l/min). Depending on the area of application, the cleaning medium can also contain certain cleaning agents and cleaning with cooling lubricant or cutting oil is also possible.

The devices are mobile and therefore can be used flexibly in the workshop. The 95° C hot medium is brought to temperature in approx. 1 minute by means of an electrical flow heater and is immediately available.

Due to the flexibly variable cleaning pistols and lances, even hardly accessible places can be cleaned. The technology is also applicable for the cleaning of more sensitive parts and sealings without damaging them.

Main types:

1000 SR mobile universal low-pressure hot cleaner with cleaning bath for parts and machines

1000 SRK hot cleaner for machines

600 SR hot cleaner for parts

Please do not hesitate to contact our competent colleagues to assist you with choosing the proper type of equipment. If needed, we also provide a free demonstration.