TORNOS, as one of the very prestigious Swiss machine tool manufacturers, assigned us to be their Hungarian representatives in 2011. Our activity includes sales, provision of any corresponding services and the distribution of spare parts.

Based on our several years of professional experience and the special trainings organized by the manufacturer, we provide the highest level of professional services. We also perform the installation of optional accessories and software add-ons, and we even undertake the full or partial refurbishment of machines.

If our Customers would like to assess the technical condition of their TORNOS machines then our service technicians are ready to conduct a detailed technical inspection with geometrical and functional tests in order to determine the current state of mechanical and electric systems, and we compile a written report including a list of the necessary repairs and spare parts. If needed, we refurbish the machine fully or partially in line with the Customer’s requirements.

TORNOS machines

Our services


Our company distributes the products of renowned and leading manufacturers of machining equipment and accessories.

Spare parts

We deliver spare parts at short notice to all products we distribute.


Our qualified service technicians are ready to provide high-level and flexible assembly, commissioning, maintenance, repair and training services.

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